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Photography tips

Photo and film tips:
Horizontal – Landscape
Not Vertical / Portrait

Taking a photo or video with your phone resting in one hand upright may be easier to hold, but here’s why it’s not the best way and what to do about it.

Six good “G Design Plus” reasons why

OK, so you need a good holiday photo or film clip of your holiday and convince your lovable but crazy and gullible friend, who has no balance control whatsoever, to ski for the first time.

Though your laughter you try to steady the shot as they make the most hilarious body twists and contortions, one leg high in the air, spinning around until finally wiping out into a heap on the snow.

You have no doubt that this is going to go viral on your Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channels and be the most entertaining film to show on widescreen TV at the next friends reunion…

However, after taking the camera away from view you now see that all your other friends have been bought down in the process too. Unfortunately you filmed the whole event in portrait view, so you have 1/3 of the shot as sky, 1/3 of space between your feet and your friend and 1/3 of the shot of them. It still looks good, but could have been a whole lot better.

cropping of thirds
1/3 top, 1/3 bottom, 1/3 subject

6 things that you will miss out on, or, may have problems with afterwards and how to improve them.


1. If you had filmed or taken a photo in landscape you would have caught all of the peripheral action that you could keep or crop. You might also be able to cut 2 or 3 pictures from that one?

2. In portrait you have only a limited option to center the top and bottom of your friend or scenery, but in landscape you would be able to center it to show your friend and include the action of the poor victim(s) that have been wiped out to the left or right.

Horizontal - Landscape
Horizontal Photo capturing all the action

You can crop the photo of course but you will lose maybe 2/3 of the size of the image.

Vertical image crop
cropping a vertical image loses a lot

Those Instagram collages you see in peoples galleries that have one photo divided into 3, 6 or 9 images, well that’s not really going to happen using a portrait photo. Landscape view will do the job nicely.

Instagram gallery photo into 6 parts
Instagram gallery photo divided into 6 parts (Landscape)

A portrait image won’t fit into the banner size of a Facebook. You could maybe use an app to get that out of focus boarder look I suppose? Yawn…. If you want a video film banner, then that will be a no-go from the start.

facebook banner ony works with Landscape images
Vertical Portrait photo will not fit into a Facebook banner

Let’s face it, widescreen, as with TV and cinema just looks better, no film maker worth their salts would ever shoot a movie in portrait view, and nor should you.

Now for 10 quick photography tips:

Making a list of all you will need before the shoot will help you with packing everything ..Battery (charged), lens cleaner…. Appropriate and additional clothing and footwear for all conditions etc.

Planning like a Pro:
Check the weather conditions, daylight times.. Here’s a good app than can help

The most steady of hands can find it difficult to keep a camera still especially in windy conditions and on unsteady ground, so a tripod is a must-have.
For a quick photo moment you could also use a mono-pole, or a Wall, Rock, Tree, etc. Anything to give you stability.

Twilight hours:
After a Sunset it’s worth hanging around to get some amazing light, also known as the “golden hour” and “blue hour’.

Wide-angle lens:
Great for getting the full landscape, beach, hillside etc . For phones there are very good clip accessories available now.

Use the timer to stop camera shake and the movement by your finger when pressing the button, especially when using the zoom.

Directing the eye:
Using lead-in lines to draw the viewer through them to create dynamic landscape images.
Find a strong linear element, maybe a road, bridge, wall or rocks. Position one of the elements so it begins at the bottom third of the frame, then compose the view so that the lines aim towards the focal point.

Clouds are good:
On overcast days you can get a full days light of some great moody images. If the sun does break through there’s a chance of more heavenly views.
Clouds are great also for reflecting light to make a colorful sunrise and sunset.

You can get very creative with using reflections of symmetry when taking a photo from the side of a wide river or lake. Position the camera to view where the water and land meet across the center of the frame, the reflection will then cover half the shot as a mirror image.

Zoom in and fill the frame:
Leaving too much empty space around a scene can make your subject look much smaller and be confusing as to what part of the picture should be focused on. Zooming in or physically move closer to the subject to fill the frame to avoid this problem.

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A Facebook Request Locations Access For Multiple Stores Tutorial

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Need to add more of your stores to your Facebook page? Well here’s a tutorial just for you on how to add more stores to a Facebook page!

This is a quick step by step tutorial presentation on how you can set up multiple stores on your Facebook page, so you can show your other business addresses from your one FB business profile.

I recently saw a video tutorial that included a talk about adding store locations to a Facebook business profile, the presenter mentioned that he charged about 80 bucks just to set up the stores tab. The thing is that adding Multiple stores to your page is a really easy thing to do, probably easier than when you first set up your actual Facebook account in the first place! I don’t think it’s worth taking money for doing something that’s as straight forward as asking Facebook for permission. So here’s a step by strep tutorial guide just for you.

The first thing you need to do is to contact Facebook, here’s the direct page link form.
Request Locations Access Facebook

Once you get there you will see a “Request Locations Access” form with only four information fields to full in. Your name, email address, how many members in your business and which Store page profile to set it up from? If you only have one profile then it will only list that one of course. Then you click on the send button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Facebook store request form
Easy to fill out Facebook stores location request form


From my experience you should revive a conformation email very quickly, mine arrive within the first minute, I think it must be a generated automatic response.

Now you have the permission needed (I told you it was an easy process), you can now go to your page, click on “Settings” in the top right of your profile.

view of the Facebook sttings tab
Facebook settings


Then choose “Locations” On the bottom left of the list.

Location tabe bottem left hand side
Location tab on Facebook


You will then see a page with a box named “Add a Location” this has a drop down menu where you can choose “Add a new page” (Store).

dropodoan add Location tab
Add a Location for more Facebook stores


You then fill out the usual store information – Store number (if needed), Subcategories, Address, phone, business hours, price range. Then you click on the save button on the bottom right hand side.

stores information form for adding Facebook stores
Facebook stores information


If you have more than one location and all the information is copied to an Excel document.. Then there is an option to upload that also to save you time.

Using EXCEL containing store locations
Import multiple locations


Note that In the conformation email that you receive, there is a link to Facebook easy set up instruction like the one above. Here is the link also:
Add and Edit Business Locations from your Facebook Page

I hope you have found this tutorial useful. If you have any further questions on this then please let us know.
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By Gee Moore of G Design Plus

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Does your store or business need more customers and sales? Are you only waiting for customers to come to you? You need a website and here’s why.

A website is not a luxury it’s a necessity…

Your store has a window along the street but it should have a window to the world – www.

The Online market is growing at a fast rate, almost 90% of UK shoppers have bought at least 1 product online in the past year. The UK is 2nd only to Norway for the most online purchases in Europe, just above them are the USA and China who are the worlds largest online buyers. According to the Office for National Statistics the British market is also expected to increase by a further 30% mid 2018.

There are many many reasons for your store to have an online version or presence but we at G Design Plus have listed a quick Six listed here and as an infographic just for you.

Infographic in en and pt
info-graphic why your store needs a website

1. 95% British 96% of American customers buy goods via the internet .
(Source: UK retailer Shop Direct / BigCommerce)

2. The best way to grow your contact email mailing list to let your customers know of new products and offers.

3. Show potential customers worldwide Your product range, wherever they are 24 hours every day.

4. Black Friday! The biggest online shopping day of the year.

5. The EU and USA are among the top 10 for worldwide retail e-commerce sales.

6. Search engines like Google are free billboards that are seen by millions of people every day!

If you wish to sell online or simply direct more people towards your store, having a professional website is a must have!
Talk to us about what you need for us to help you increase your revenue and be noticed above your competition with a world wide window to your potential customers.

By Gee Moore

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