Does your store or business need more customers and sales? Are you only waiting for customers to come to you? You need a website and here’s why.

A website is not a luxury it’s a necessity…

Your store has a window along the street but it should have a window to the world – www.

The Online market is growing at a fast rate, almost 90% of UK shoppers have bought at least 1 product online in the past year. The UK is 2nd only to Norway for the most online purchases in Europe, just above them are the USA and China who are the worlds largest online buyers. According to the Office for National Statistics the British market is also expected to increase by a further 30% mid 2018.

There are many many reasons for your store to have an online version or presence but we at G Design Plus have listed a quick Six listed here and as an infographic just for you.

Infographic in en and pt
info-graphic why your store needs a website

1. 95% British 96% of American customers buy goods via the internet .
(Source: UK retailer Shop Direct / BigCommerce)

2. The best way to grow your contact email mailing list to let your customers know of new products and offers.

3. Show potential customers worldwide Your product range, wherever they are 24 hours every day.

4. Black Friday! The biggest online shopping day of the year.

5. The EU and USA are among the top 10 for worldwide retail e-commerce sales.

6. Search engines like Google are free billboards that are seen by millions of people every day!

If you wish to sell online or simply direct more people towards your store, having a professional website is a must have!
Talk to us about what you need for us to help you increase your revenue and be noticed above your competition with a world wide window to your potential customers.

By Gee Moore

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