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We are a marketing agency specializing in Social Networks and Brand Creation.
Our team of Social media experts will look after all your social media needs.
By creating informative and engaging content that’s added regularly across your social media platforms and responding to comments, we will represent you as the social media arm of your business identity.

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Social media network management plans – UK
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G Design Plus, Social Media Network management pricing table – Details

Social media management is not a Luxury, it’s a very necessary part of modern day business that is there to make it more profitable and to reach out and engage with new clients and customers.
It should be budgeted for in the same way that a business would have a plan for advertising, I will go as far to say that it is worth more in real terms as it’s a far greater way of just advertising your company.
It’s also not only a direct sales process but much more a way that presents content that your audience will love as it’s both informative and entertaining, resulting in their focus staying much longer on your social media profiles.

In America, 96% with internet access have made an online purchase in their life while 51% prefer to shop online, In Brazil that percentage is even higher, up to 69%. Imagine all those potential clients all over the world, available 24/7 and from the comfort of your computer chair.

Large companies have whole teams of people managing their social media network and for this, they pay anything starting at $80’000 and upwards a year. But what about the smaller independent businesses and sole traders? Well, this is where G design Plus comes in, We get to grips with the most important parts of social network management, understanding your business concept and focusing on the more economical ways that work best and are most effective.
G Design Plus Social media network management is here to guide and assist you in connecting with your clients and potential customers directly.

To cover a range of general social media network management for the independent to mid-range company needs, we have 5 plans . Here’s a rundown of their contents.

Instagram and Facebook:

Although we can work with any platform of the social medium we tend to concentrate on Facebook and Instagram the most, they have the highest usage and user reach of any of the social media network content, with Facebook having more than 467 million daily active users and Instagram with more than 300 million… Add to that Zuckerberg’s messenger service of more than 500 million daily active users makes that’s a lot of potential customers and clients to interact with, especially in comparison to Twitter with its text limitations leaving it a distant 31 million usage. (Source: Business Insider).
This is not to say that Twitter doesn’t have its uses of course, 31 million is 31 million after all. But for time and cost we feel it’s better to make the Social media network management plans with Facebook and Instagram as default platforms.
The Plans are not set in stone, so if there is another particular platform or social media management service you wish to add then we can accommodate that also of course.


Facebook Store:

Facebook now has the option to be able to set up a shop window and services tab for your business.
You can have many other store locations added to your main business profile.
We can set it up for you so that your profile also mirrors your website,  if you don’t have a website then we can make that to.



The next highest ranking to websites on search engines are Youtube presentations, It’s an incredibly versatile tool to use, for live presentations and series compilations on your own channel, these can not only be shared through other social media platforms, but can also be embedded directly on to websites and email promotions.
Youtube is also great for real-time response with1.5 Billion Active Users Each Month (March 21 2017 Reuters) It really is a must have for any business.
G Design Plus can set up your YouTube channel and upload your presentations adding text keywords to further enhance its Search Engine Optimization.


Daily Posts:

We like to keep a consistency with both content and the amount of posts throughout your Social media accounts.
One or two posts a day ensures that you keep a consistent amount of interesting content to keep all your followers informed and engaged, but not too much that they feel it’s getting in the way of their other content.


Video Promos:

To highlight your business we can make great presentation videos .
In a survey by www.usurv.comof 1000 Adults in the UK, it was found that they were more likely to share by 39%, comment by 36% and ‘like’ by 56% a video than a text article.
In a similar survey, it was found that people were 27.4 times more likely to click on video ads.
Facebook has now also made it possible to have a video presentation added to the banner section of a page.
Here’s a good list of 11 reasons also why video is better than any other medium:


Website – Landing page – Hosting:

It is estimated that more than 51% of the world’s population (3.8 Billion people) now have access and uses the internet, in what’s known as the 1st world that % is of course very much higher.
Search engines such a Google are places where you have the possibility to be viewed by 3.8 Billion people daily unless of course.
What business in this age of internet would not have a website? Without one is like having a shopfront in the middle of a desert, or at best a far away backstreet. A good business needs to be invisible on the high street and the best-positioned ones are those also with good SEO (Search engine optimization).
We offer many kinds and sizes of website and with the right plan we make it so that you can get a head start with either a basic 5 page website or a one page promotional landing page, both include free hosting for up to 1GB of content and usage, plenty for a site of that size.


Creation of Followers:

Everyone needs friends, especially if you have a social network profile, that’s what it’s all about of course, being social. Nobody wants fake friends or “friends” that really have no interest in you, It doesn’t look good if you are seen to be following far more people that are following you or have thousands of followers but none that interact or engage on your content. Not only does this not look good but it also means that they will act like a wall between you and your real followers, those that really want to know about your products and business.
We make sure that only real organic followers, clients, potential customers are part of your social media network, whats more is that we have the understanding and know-how to attract more followers and clients to your business profile.


Engaging with Followers:

When we take on the responsibilities that your social network requires and deserves, it’s important that any engagement with clients and potential customers be done in a seemliness way. For this, we make sure we understand the character of your business so as to respond in the same way that you would.
Social media customer engagement is not only time consuming but just like with any high street store where customers walk in and require assistance, you need them to be attended to in the fastest possible time, no one likes to be left hanging around for an answer, the same goes for your virtual online business on the internet.
People are able to see on Facebook how long a typical response to a question can take, if your business profile is showing a few hours or even days to reply then they might not be inclined to ask a question at all…
We are there to react to all comments of any kind in business hours, .



In this age of Social media networking, it’s important to be able to adapt and be flexible to its new and existing updated trends.
For those of you that would like to add something extra to the G Design Plus plan that suits you, then we can accommodate that also. Maybe you would like to have custom version of one of our plans? Your own YouTube channel set up and content created and added? A Twitter account managed? Or maybe a Pinterest profile up and running?… Let our experts know your business needs and we will provide you with a quotation.

Contact us now to find out how we can look after all your social media platforms, so you don't have to.

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