We provide audio and film presentations for all kinds of video music art styles, Including:
Games, Corporate & Brand presentations and commercials, mobile apps, film, music videos, games and a lot more…. You can choose from any of our extensive discography to add to your existing film project. We can also provide you with visuals to add to your music composition and of course we can also make a full audio visual project from start to finish.


Your creative talent and business bought to life

One of the best ways to showcase your creation, Brand or business is through the medium of film. Whatever your needs, be it a music video, brand promotional film, educational, instructional project, series, or indeed anything of a visual nature, we are here to bring it to life for you.

Video Presentation

This is a show-reel presentation of some of our promotional music and business videos.

Watch G design plus - promotional videos show-reel

Music for presentations, video films, commercials, mobile apps, games….

Available here!

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Our Bandcamp profile is now available! Making it easy to get all of our wonderful music in one place

We provide music for any backing genre possible, social media films to movies, video, games, podcasts…
Inc 1 minute songs that fit perfectly into an Instagram film and to loop for longer films for the likes of Youtube.. etc

Many thanks and enjoy!!